Trillium-Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
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Solar Power Systems

Aviation:  We represent M/s Raytheon USA and Bombardier Canada for a range of aircraft. We have demonstrated the performance of Bombardier amphibious aircraft CL-415 to Pak Navy.  We have sold Executive Aircraft Learjet in Pakistan to the Government of Baluchistan. Our firm has also sold/installed Flight Inspection System from NORMARC to Civil Aviation Authority.

Diving Equipment:  We represent M/s U.S. Divers from USA, M/s Interspiro-Ocenco from Sweden and M/s Aqualung La Spirotechnique I.C. France.

Ski Equipment: We represent M/s Dynastar and M/s Salomon (France) for all types of Ski Equipment.

Climbing/Mountaineering/Camping Equipment: We represent CAMP (Italy) for alltypes of climbing/mountaineering equipment including ropes, harnesses, carabiners, boots, rucksacks, webbing .

Hyperbaric Medical Decompression Chambers: We represent M/s HAUX Life Support of Germany for all types of Decompression and Medical Chambers and other breathing systems.

Under Water Communication Equipment: We exclusively supply M/s ORCATRON of Canada's Equipment that is already in use with Pak Army and Navy.

Network Transmission Quality Test System: We represent M/s EDL Australia Proprietary Limited for their Data Communication and Test Solutions.

Telecommunication Equipment: We represent M/s Goodwin, M/s Constellation and M/s AZI, Russia for Standard/Special Communication Equipment and Consultancy.

Monitoring Equipment: We represent M/s Constellation, Russia, for different monitors, jammers and VVIP protection equipment.

Petroleum / Gas Pipeline Equipment: We represent M/s Orgenergogaz Group, Russia for a variety of equipment.

Fire Alarm Detection System: We represent M/s Hochikie Europe for all type of Detection Equipment and Konex Suministors Electronics Y Mechanicos for different typeof Cables and Wires